JSCEP: Encoding Power Overview

This course was instructed by Dr. Matt Jordan of Jordan Strength. Matt has been a performance scientist working with elite athletes over six Olympic Winter Games. He holds a Master of Science in Exercise and Neuromuscular Physiology, and a PhD in Medical Science. His research focuses on neuromuscular adaptations to resistance training and knee injury/re-injury prevention. A key method in his research is the development of neuromuscular testing techniques that can be used to monitor recovery after knee injuries to forecast recovery and improve rehabilitation. Thank you to everyone who attended Encoding Power: Practical Applications of Neuromuscular Profiling and Jump Performance Testing by Jordan Strength! It was a weekend filled with insights, collaboration, and knowledge.

Here is a quick recap of the event:

Day 1: Jump Protocols and Kinetic Analysis for Monitoring and RTP

Day 1 focused on Jump Protocols and Kinetic Analysis for Monitoring and Return-to-Play.  Working in a hands-on group, attendees focused on bilateral and unilateral CMJ testing as well as repeated hop testing.

Day 2: RTP Case Study Analysis

Continuing on from Day 1, attendees did a deep dive into case studies to review test protocols, analyze and interpret data, and learn to build reports within the Noraxon software. The course wrapped up with round-table discussions, allowing attendees to share ideas and gain insights.

For more information on JSCEP Courses, visit Jordan Strength.