Why Noraxon

Innovation demands our best performance, each and every day. We’ve purposefully aligned our focus on innovation with your commitment to excellence, assuring you can study human movement with confidence. Capture precise data with stability and speed, process more records with ease, and utilize innovative technology with unprecedented simplicity. Choose Noraxon first.

Evidence-based Gait Analysis

Evidence-based Gait Analysis

The ability to note balance changes and critical directions of force makes forZeTM an ideal diagnostic tool for patients with any range of neurological disorders or deficits. An additional benefit is the correlation of the highest pressure areas and loading responses.

Running Health & Injury Prevention

Running Health & Injury Prevention

Measure impact forces and dynamic pressure distributions during running or any other sport related activity. Program functions assess efficiency, run styles and balance, which can be added to screening and injury prevention programs while maintaining complete freedom of movement.

All-in-One Ecosystem

All-in-One Ecosystem

myoPRESSURE is our pressure specific data analysis and collection software module that is part of the myoRESEARCH® software platform. With full integration and synchronization across the entire platform, all of your human movement data is at your fingertips.

“The Sharon Health Center is using the new technology for every sports analysis and for individuals at risk of falling. The Health Center’s providers – including podiatrists, chiropractors, and sports medicine physicians – are using it as well to look at muscles, joint angles, alignment, and to train athletes. The result of the Noraxon analysis leads to treatment plans, including sharing information with in-house physical therapists. We’ve always felt our success was based on a team approach. Now we’re able to quantify and graphically share information among the team. What I have found is my outcomes seem to be better.”

– Dr. Rob Rinaldi, Podiatrist

Seamlessly integrated into myoRESEARCH®

Data Capture and Analysis Software made smart and friendly


Noraxon Pressure software module: myoPRESSURE

The myoPRESSURE software module automatically calculates the average pressure print, COP gait line and butterfly diagram, COP Parameters, zone segmentation and zone separated force curves, peak force and duration statistics and averaged total force curve display.

Pressure-Instrumented Treadmills, Platforms and Insoles

Identify, objectify and analyze gait, stance,
balance and jump.