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A fully integrated, modular software platform that allows you to capture and synchronize EMG, kinetics and kinematics data in real time.

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Take your lab to the action, wherever it is.

The myoMETRICSTM Portable Lab.

Fully mobile and customizable so you can build your biomechanics data toolbox your way.

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Introducing the UltiumTM-EMG Biomechanics Research System

Electromyography Redefined.

Multi-modal, wireless sensors and innovative SmartLeads transform your ability to capture virtually any type of biometric and physiological data. Anywhere.

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Two-day, information-packed sessions led by renowned biomechanics industry partners. Take a minute to view these workshops.

“Integrating Tech to Upgrade your Evaluation Process”

2019 course dates to be announced.

Dr. Nicholas Studholme, D.C., teaches how integrating biomechanics technology into your practice flow will enhance your training and treatment strategies.

“Neuromuscular Profiling and Assessment”

2019 course dates to be announced.

Dr. Matt Jordan, PhD, CSCS teaches how to integrate neuromuscular assessments such as EMG, motion and force into a cohesive athlete monitoring framework.

The industry’s best EMG
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The new Ultium® Biomechanics Research System.
Capture and analyze high-fidelity biomechanics data in minutes.

The Noraxon myoMETRICSTM Lab

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Our goal is to understand sports injuries and improve their prevention and treatment. We use Noraxon’s EMG instruments to help us understand how muscles work and how they relate to proper and improper motions. We need to be sure that we’re getting pure muscle signals and not noise. That’s why this equipment is valuable to us
– Glen S. Fleisig, Ph.D., Director of Research,
American Sports Medicine Institute

The [Pressure Instrumented Treadmill] is working well as usual and has played a huge role in making our running evaluations successful. We have been using the stance analysis feature a lot more often with our post-ACL patients—it is an excellent biofeedback tool for them, and patients love to see the detailed report the software generates.
– Caitlin Pearl, MS, Clinical Biomechanist,
National Institute for Athletic Health and Performance at Sanford Medica

Our DTS is working beautifully. My patients love it and they say it really helps them to see if they are actually using the muscles to their maximum potential. It also has really helped me identify overactive or under active musculature as well. Could not say enough good things about it!
– Dr. Ryan Meyers, PT, DPT, MTC, San Buenaventura Physical Therapy

The New Portable Lab

Take your lab to the action,
wherever it is.

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