3D Force Plates

Measure ground reaction forces for gait, balance and other biomechanics

Why Noraxon

Third-Party Integration

Third-Party Integration

Maximize the utility of your force plate equipment by automatically synchronizing 3D force data with EMG, Video and 3D Motion data through digital or analog connection into MR3 software platform.

Patented Innovations

Patented Innovations

At the heart of all Noraxon systems is patented and FDA-approved technology that powers our world-class data capture systems. The result is reliable, repeatable and pure data that enables precise study of human movement.

All-in-One Ecosystem

All-in-One Ecosystem

myoFORCE is our Force-specific data analysis and collection software module that is part of the myoRESEARCH software platform. With full integration and synchronization across the entire platfrom, all of your human movement data is at your finger tips.

Ideal for research and clinical studies looking at balance, gait, and sports performance.


Force measurement products from world-class manufacturers.

Seamlessly integrated into myoRESEARCH®

Data Capture and Analysis Software made smart and friendly

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3D Force software module: myoFORCE

Propel your productivity sky-high with analog and digital analysis of data from force plates manufactured by AMTI, Bertec and Kistler.