3D & 1D Force Plates

Noraxon’s myoFORCE software module seamlessly integrates with 3rd party force plates, offering users unparalleled access to the measurement and analysis of ground reaction forces. Perfect for jump analysis, gait assessments, balance testing, and various biomechanics studies, these advanced tools unlock impactful insights into movement patterns. By capturing precise data on forces exerted during activities, you gain a deeper understanding of human movement, empowering you to implement targeted interventions, optimize training protocols, enhance performance, and minimize the risk of injury.


Force measurement products from world-class manufacturers.

Video Force Vector Overlay

Video Force Vector Overlay

Customized Reporting

Customized Reporting

Multi-Device Integration Compatible

Multi-Device Integration Compatible

“Being able to combine EMG and 3D Force Plate data is one of the most important tools I have as a Research and High Performance Coach. With this software I am able to quickly collect and analyze data that influences the way I train our athletes. This capability has been proven to be an integral part of preventing injury.”

Matt Jordan Ph.D. CSCS
Jordan Strength

Customizable Reports

Noraxon provides users with customizable reports to highlight the key results of data collection in a quick and efficient way.

Swing Analysis

Create your own customized kinetic analysis using our simple report editing tools.

Jump Analysis

Understand jumping/landing mechanics with access to over 30 jump parameters in order to track a subject’s vertical jump performance.

Balance & Stance Assessments

Objectively assess weight distribution and postural stability to understand how an individual maintains equilibrium and achieves balance.

3D Force software module: myoFORCE

Propel your productivity sky-high with analog and digital analysis of data from force plates manufactured by AMTI, Bertec and Kistler.