Noraxon continues its 25 year tradition of manufacturing excellence for Evidence-Based Biomechanics. We take pride in being recognized in the market place as the Gold Standard across the biomechanical assessment spectrum. Our patent-protected and FDA approved technology includes EMG, video capture, pressure/force and 3D motion analysis. Combining this hardware with the most powerful data acquisition and analysis software ever specifically developed for life sciences, MR3 (myoResearch 3), allows for straight-forward, synchronous and automated data collection. Through enabling a precise and reliable modular approach to a fully equipped and customized biomechanical lab, evidence-based research is supported across university, ergonomic, clinical and human performance applications.

Reducing data processing and set up time from hours to minutes with extreme accuracy, while improving staff and operational efficiencies, leads to more projects with larger numbers of subjects, completed in less time.  With the understanding that each study is unique our team of engineers is always available to assist. Additionally, our free Student License offer demonstrates Noraxon’s commitment to education and evidence-based research.

By providing a quantifiable baseline (hard evidence) to measure and document improvement over time best practice efficacies can finally be determined. Our all-in-one solutions paired with a multi-device software platform eliminate the complications traditionally associated with clinical diagnostics. Applications in evidence-based gait analysis provide instantaneous biofeedback leading to improved client confidence, service value and therapy buy-in, all while opening a new stream of income and establishing a higher standard of care.

For most athletes, one second / one meter / one degree of motion, can make all the difference.  Our custom built solutions allow for the most precise measurement equipment in fully portable packages that provide complete insight into the kinetic chain. Without the restriction of being tethered to a lab, it is now possible to study athletes in their environment.


The Noraxon team is dedicated to providing our clients a continuum of biomechanics solutions with the comprehensive quality and expert support honed over two decades of delivering leading edge applications worldwide.

Brent Perkins



Clement Leung

Director of Sales


Dave Byman

Director of Technology


Brian Cook

Director of Supply Chain Operations


Peter Konrad

Biomechanics Software Director


Cindy Trotto

Director of Marketing


Ramon Beltran

QA & Regulatory Manager


Claire McCarthy

Sales Operations Manager


Liisa Holappa
Office and HR Manager


Matt McDermand

Technical Support
and Training Manager


Molly Raisanen

Accounting Manager


Devon Powell

Shipping Manager


Mohamed Alomeri

Shipping & Receiving Specialist

Frank Hosner

Senior Technical Engineer


Seth Kuhlman

Mechanical Engineer


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Electrical Engineer


Yvonne Donnelly

Production Engineer


Coleman Bessert

Applied Biomechanist


Zach Scarano

Biomedical Applications Engineer


Adham Chebbani

Biomedical Applications Engineer


Nicole Kemp

Biomedical Applications Engineer

Sally Crawford

Sports Science Advisor


Nicole Armbrust

Applied Movement Analysis Advisor


Dr. Jay Segel

Applied Podiatric Biomechanics Advisor


Dr. Nick Studholm

Sports Chiro Advisor


Peter Konrad is our Biomechanics Software Director with specialization in research and evidence-based clinical and sports performance measurement tools/applications. Peter’s role is also supporting research and design with innovative new hardware and software concepts that fill the gaps in current market needs.



Research, medical and sports professionals in all types of fields are increasingly striving to incorporate more evidence-based analysis technology into their daily work. Here is a sampling of the fields currently using Noraxon technology:

– Biomechanics labs
– Hospital labs
– Industrial labs
– University labs







Manufacturing R&D




Occupational Therapy




Physical Rehabilitation


Physical Therapy


Performing Arts Medicine





Product Development




– Athletic training/coaching
– Sports Biomechanics
– Sports Medicine