Reference Video Systems

The NiNOX cameras provide synchronized video for reference and 2D markerless tracking. Its small size and aluminum housing make the camera highly portable and functional in many demanding environments. The NiNOX cameras stream real-time color video to the host computer through a USB3 connection.

2D Markerless Analysis

2D Markerless Analysis

Synchronized Visual Reference

Synchronized Visual Reference

Multi-Device Integration Compatible

Multi-Device Integration Compatible

“myoVIDEO™ is our most powerful tool for capturing kinematic data through high quality tracking video. The MR3 platform further augments myoVIDEO™’s capabilities with seamless integration of NiNOX reference video with EMG, IMU and Biomonitor data. It’s a complete package and our primary proprioceptive feedback tool — it’s invaluable for working with clients of all abilities.”

Paraic McGlynn
Founder and Chief Technologist Cyclologic

Customizable Reports

Noraxon provides users with customizable reports to highlight the key results of data collection in a quick and efficient way.

Point of Interest - Gait

Automatically create a video snapshot at key gait phases to provide visualization and help create a learning environment.

Range of Motion

Use tracked angles to analyze range of motion over time and call out specific parameters related to user-defined points of interest.

Bike Fitting

Provide a comprehensive analysis to improve a cyclist’s interaction with their bicycle, in order to ensure comfort with proper posture, maximize efficiency of pedaling, and reduce the risk of injuries.

Point of Interest

Customize a Point of Interest report for virtually any activity in order to direct greater visual attention to important aspects of the analysis and increase overall engagement with the experience.

Noraxon Video Analysis software module: myoVIDEO

Noraxon’s myoVIDEO module analyzes recorded video data captured by the NiNOX™ high-speed camera for advanced motion-capture capabilities.