Gait and Running Analysis

Prevent and Manage Injuries
with Gait Analysis

A gait analysis provides an overall assessment of how somebody walks and runs. During a gait analysis, one can use instrumentation to measure & analyze a person’s movements while identifying biomechanical abnormalities during their gait cycle. The primary application for gait analysis is to assess and remedy individuals with conditions that affect their ability to walk. However gait analysis is also commonly used in sports to help athletes enhance performance, run more efficiently, and to identify asymmetries & deficits in order to prevent or manage injuries.

Noraxon Gait Analysis

A Noraxon gait analysis allows users to identify movement patterns that the eyes cannot see, thereby providing an objective & data-driven approach to help guide a treatment or training plan. With a complete Noraxon system, a user is able to efficiently analyze all biomechanical aspects of locomotion, including: stride kinematics, footstrike mechanics, plantar pressure distribution, and other spatiotemporal parameters like cadence and stride length along with a synchronized visual reference.

Suggested Hardware

Using Noraxon’s multi-device software platform, users are able to simultaneously collect multiple types of biomechanical data from various hardware devices. All of the integrated devices are automatically synchronized and the easily accessible data allows for a quick but comprehensive understanding of how the human body is moving and what the contributing factors are. Our unified software makes it easy for users to integrate a variety of recording devices to fit any budget or unique application.

Customizable Gait & Running Analysis Reports

Noraxon provides users with customizable reports to highlight the key results of data collection in a quick and efficient way.

Gait & Running Analysis Webinars

These prerecorded webinars show various methods for recording and analyzing gait & running with Noraxon technology.

Cerebral Palsy Gait using the Calibration Adjustment Tool

Gait analysis performed on a subject with cerebral palsy using Noraxon 3D Motion Capture & the Calibration Adjustment Tool.

Multi-Device Running Analysis

Running analysis performed on a pressure-instrumented treadmill synchronized with 3D motion capture & a 2D reference video camera.

Gait Analysis Comparison

Gait analysis comparison using a pressure-instrumented treadmill & 3D motion capture on a subject who has limited ankle mobility due to a pathological gait pattern.

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