Ultium Insoles

The Ultium Insole SmartLead provides Ultium users with an affordable solution for:
• Contact detection and quantitative impact characteristics in gait, running, and other dynamic activities
• Relative load distribution during balance and bilateral or unilateral exercise applications

Applications include:
• Static & dynamic loading asymmetry
Gait and Running analysis
• Body Sway

Sizes Available:
• Small
• Medium
• Large
• X-Large

Measurement Range0-75 psi (0-51.7 N/cm2)
Sample Rate*250/500 Hz (8 zones) 500/1000 Hz (4 zones)
Insole Sizes4 sizes available
Insole Thickness3.5 mm
Max Pressure (before failure)100 psi (68.9 N/cm2)
Error< 5% Full Scale
Hysteresis< 2%

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