Ultium EMG

Wireless EMG with Internal IMU

Electromyography (EMG) measures muscle response or electrical activity in by way of a nerve's stimulation of the muscle. In particular, Surface EMG signals are recorded by non-invasive electrodes and assesses muscle function by recording muscle activity from the surface above the muscle on the skin. These EMG signals are becoming increasingly important in many applications, including clinical/biomedical, prosthesis and other rehabilitation devices.

Noraxon's Ultium EMG sensor system is a multi-modal device that delivers high-fidelity data and flexible measurement options. Ultium EMG sensors sample up to 4,000 times per second, synchronize in real-time, and demonstrate low baseline noise (<1 μV RMS) with minimal native artifacts. The implementation of IMU enables you to record both EMG and movement data.

The system features a variety of patented SmartLeads, which transform the EMG device into a versatile sensor for virtually any type of kinesiological data, and supports complete data recovery with Lossless technology. Each Ultium sensor includes lifetime battery replacement.

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EMG Sampling rateUp to 4,000 Hz
EMG Internal Sampling Resolution24-bit
EMG Baseline noise<1μV
EMG CMRR< -100dB
EMG Input Impedance> 100 MΩ
EMG Resolution (0 to 5,000uV)0.3uV
EMG Resolution (5,000 to 24,000uV)1.1uV
EMG High Pass FiltersSoftware selectable (5/10/20Hz)
EMG Low Pass FiltersSoftware selectable (500/1000/1500Hz)
Electrode Impedance TestIntegrated into sensors
Internal Memory>8 hours of data storage
Analog OutputUp to 32 channels available
Accelerometer Sample RateUp to 500Hz
Full IMU Sample RateUp to 400Hz
Biomechanical Sensors8+ Smart Lead sensors available
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High Signal Quality

High Signal Quality

Multi-Device Integration Compatible

Multi-Device Integration Compatible

Lifetime Battery Replacement*

Lifetime Battery Replacement*

                                                                                                                                                                                                           *up to 10 years

“The new generation of scientists are trying to move away from traditional lab based science. Life happens outside of the lab, and Noraxon’s reliable wireless EMG allows me to collect this historically difficult to acquire data.”

Harsimran S Baweja P.T. Ph.D.
SDSU Center for Clinical and Cognitive Neuroscience

Customizable Reports

Noraxon provides users with customizable reports to highlight the key results of data collection in a quick and efficient way.

Average Activation

Provide time-normalized average EMG patterns for repetitive movements.


Quickly analyze the coordination of agonist and antagonist muscles around one joint region.


Evaluate bilateral muscle activity patterns and amplitudes during symmetrical movements.

Standard Timing Analysis

Understand the onset/offset characteristics of muscles typically applied to reflex studies, reaction time studies, or other timing related test setups.

Published Articles

Noraxon technology is cited in over 10,000 published articles.

Required Software Module



The myoMUSCLE™ software module features an easy-to-use toolset capable of handling kinesiological data captured with our Ultium EMG system, as well as any other Noraxon legacy EMG systems, enabling detailed insight for performance enhancement, injury prevention, and neuromuscular biofeedback.

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