The Gaitway 3D treadmill is the first in the industry to combine 3D force and pressure metrics on a single belt treadmill. All measurement variables are easily synced and acquired through the easy to use data acquisition software - myoRESEARCH 3. This integration provides the sensitivity needed to fully understand loading mechanics such as magnitude, rate, and pressure distribution during gait.

    • Pressure Distribution
    • Automated Protocols
    • Research-Grade Quality
    • Optional Add-Ons:
      • Multi-Channel EMG
      • High-Speed Video
      • 3D Motion
    • Interfaces
      • Built-in amplifier
      • Ethernet interface
      • Analog/digital interface
      • Start & stop digital input triggers and digital sync output
      • Serial port RS232 for treadmill control via coscom v3 interface
    • Accessories
      • Safety arch with fall stop
      • Detachable handrails
      • High-speed upgrade (max. 40 km/h)
      • Non-reflective powder coating
      • Reverse belt rotation


Running Surface
  • L: 150 cm W: 50 cm
  • L: 170 cm W: 65 cm
Speed Range
  • 0-22 km/h
  • 0-13.6 mph
Elevation Optional elevation module 0-20%
Load range on sensors Fx, Fy, Fz: 10 kN
Overload (sensors) 24 kN
  • Fx, Fy: <0.8%
  • Fz: <0.2%
  • Fx, Fy: <0.8%
  • Fz: <0.2%
Cross-talk Fz -> Fx, Fy: <2.0%
Drift Fx, Fy, Fz: <0.05 N/min
Natural Frequency
  • Fx: 55 Hz
  • Fy, Fz: 65 Hz
Temperature operation
  • 10 to 40°C
  • 40 to 104°F
Temperature storage
  • -25 to 40°C
  • -13 to 104°F
Storage humidity 0 - 95% (non-condensing)
Air pressure 700-1060 hPa (max 3000m altitude)
Audible noise Noise emission LpA <70 dB(A) (63dB) acc. EN957-6
Resolution Adjustable (12-375 mN/bit)
Measurement range Adjustable (375-12000 N)
Sampling Rate 1,000 hz

Required Software Module



myoFORCE™ unlocks the ability to integrate force plates into myoRESEARCH® 3 (MR3), Noraxon’s multi-dimensional, all-in-one software and processing solution that guarantees simplification and improvement of your workflow. It provides users access to real-time data, accurate biofeedback and extensive reporting and analysis capabilities.

Researchers can support, automate and synchronize multiple biomechanical assessment technologies, while significantly reducing setup and processing time.Remain confident with evidence-based objectification of every step parameter, analysis of any area on the plantar surface and facilitation of the identification of gait abnormalities. History reporting and progress tracking are automated for even the most functional or dynamic movements without the need for cables that restrict the freedom of movement.

Digital integration of H/P/Cosmos Gaitway 3D force with pressure treadmill
Digital integration of Bertec and AMTI plates
Analog integration of Bertec, AMTI and Kistler plates (AIS system)
Automatic identification jump phases (loading, flight, landing)
Real-time Force Vector Overlay (FVO)
Post hoc FVO analysis
Drop, counter and non-countermovement jump identification
More Info on myoFORCE™