Webinar – Uncovering Shoulder Pain

Webinar: Uncovering Shoulder Pain: Using EMG to Validate the Yes/No Scapular Dyskinesis Test
Guest Speaker: Dr. Lawrence Ramiscal, Augusta University

Individuals with shoulder pain often exhibit scapular dyskinesis (SDK). SDK may also be a risk factor for future shoulder pain. Clinicians identify SDK via the Yes/No method of the Scapular Dyskinesis Test (Y/N SDT). However, performance on the Y/N SDT with asymptomatic individuals can be inconsistent with the expected results derived from known groups when differentiating between symmetrical and asymmetrical scapular muscle activation patterns. Join us for an exploration into the Y/N SDT as Dr. Ramiscal discusses the purpose of the test and questions its validity among the asymptomatic population by using EMG as a reference standard.

May 27th, 11:00 a.m. (EDT)
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