What’s Inside the Ultium Portable Lab?

The Ultium Portable Lab, now equipped with Ultium Motion, is a biomechanics lab-in-a-box built on a modular platform that offers users flexibility to capture high-fidelity data anywhere.

  • Each system consists of electromyography and portable motion (IMU) measurement sensors
  • All charging blocks and receivers are built into the custom case
  • Powered through USB from a laptop
  • Sync capabilities with high-speed video and force plates

Build your biomechanics data toolbox. Your way.

Full Body System

Upper/Lower Body System

Access integrated motion capture, EMG, and sync systems through one USB 2.0 cable to the computer.

Charge all sensors with a single power supply connected to the charging port and main electric power.

Connect up to two NiNOX cameras and two supplemental devices to the built-in hub with one USB-C cable to the computer.


The accompanying software streamlines the data capture and analysis process.

  • Multi-device configurations and custom measurement protocols
  • Data playback and analysis tools
  • Customizable reports
  • Access to raw data and export capabilities