Support Request

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  • (For distributors only) Provide Customer info below:
  • Products Involved

  • How can we Help?

  • any and all error messages, the step at which the system failed, what you would like to do with the software that you are unable to do, and any other requests/feedback.
  • Please export the data sample that is problematic; zip and submit via WeTransfer to or insert generated link below: (any screenshots or photos of equipment can be uploaded through WeTransfer and posted here as well)

Remote Support Interface

If you have an open support case, you may be asked to allow Noraxon to temporarily access your computer to help you. If you are asked to download and run TeamViewer, please do so from this link.

The image below shows the information you will need to give your Noraxon representative, specifically the numbers in the “Your ID” box.