Introducing the Core 9 Sensor Charger

Core EMG is now compatible with the Ultium receiver & Portable Lab!

Core EMG  can now interface with the Ultium receiver through an expanded charger, allowing measurement configurations of up to 16 channels. This enables the capture of comprehensive full-body EMG data, all while benefiting from the streamlined and hassle-free setup offered by Core.

Key Features:

  • Fits into the Portable Lab

  • Allows Core EMG configurations up to 16 sensors

  • Enables access to analog output

  • Combine with Ultium Motion and SmartLead sensors


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! The sample rate and filter settings will be fixed to match the Core EMG specifications. 2000 Hz & a 20-500 Hz band pass filter.

No, the Core EMG Charger does NOT fit Ultium EMG or Ultium Motion sensors.

No,  SmartLeads are only compatible with Ultium EMG sensors.

The Ultium receiver is capable of communicating with up to 16 wireless sensors. This could be 16 Core EMG sensors or a combination of Core EMG, Ultium EMG, and Ultium Motion.

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