Custom Report Highlight: Point of Interest Video Running Report

Incorporating synchronized video into a biomechanical analysis allows a patient to see themselves connected to the captured data, which directs greater visual attention to important aspects of the analysis and can increase overall engagement with the experience.

When breaking down running mechanics, simple visualizations oftentimes have the greatest effect as the patient is able to see themselves from a different perspective and better understand the cues used to help correct their form.

The Point of Interest (POI) Running Report automatically creates a video snapshot at 6 key running phase events to easily provide visualization of a runner’s form and help create that learning environment. Angular Data, measured by tracked markers or 3D inertial sensors, and optional EMG or force data are automatically added to the report at the specific points in time. Gait phase, timing, and spatial parameters averaged over all detected steps are also presented for more in-depth analysis.

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