Custom Foot Orthotics

Pressure Analysis for Custom Foot Orthotics

Pressure assessments during static and dynamic movements enable practitioners to make objective, data-driven decisions when prescribing custom foot orthotics to correct gait abnormalities and anatomical deformities. Biomechanical pressure assessments allow the clinician to confidently analyze a subject before, during, and after the use of custom foot orthotics.

Noraxon Custom Foot Orthotics

Noraxon’s unified software solution provides a comprehensive analysis for static pressure tests or dynamic weight distribution assessments. These pressure assessments allow clinicians to evaluate a subject’s gait in order to create custom foot orthotics and then re-test once the orthotics are in use. The customizable report automatically compiles a left and right average pressure print, COP calculations, as well as a left-right and fore-/backfoot weight distribution analysis.

Using any of Noraxon’s pressure distribution measurement systems and the user-friendly myoRESEARCH software, objective pressure assessments can be completed in just a few button clicks so clinicians can easily capture this data to prescribe and assess custom-fit foot orthotics.

Suggested Hardware

Using Noraxon’s multi-device software platform, users are able to simultaneously collect multiple types of biomechanical data from various hardware devices. All of the integrated devices are automatically synchronized and the easily accessible data allows for a quick but comprehensive understanding of how the human body is moving and what the contributing factors are. Our unified software makes it easy for users to integrate a variety of recording devices to fit any budget or unique application.

Customizable Reports for Custom Foot Orthotics

Noraxon provides users with customizable reports to highlight the key results of data collection in a quick and efficient way.

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