Pelvic Floor Therapy

Pelvic Floor Testing and Physical Therapy

Pelvic floor therapy is a method of treatment that uses physical therapy principles to provide effective reconditioning of pelvic floor muscles. The goal of pelvic floor therapy is to improve the strength and function of pelvic floor muscles in order to alleviate pain, weakness and dysfunction. 

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Noraxon Pelvic Floor Therapy

Using Noraxon EMG for pelvic floor biofeedback can help patients understand how to strengthen or relax their pelvic floor muscles in order to improve bowel or bladder function. Pelvic floor biofeedback is a painless process that uses EMG sensors to display muscle activity onto a computer screen. This feedback is used to help the patient gain sensitivity, and with practice, control their pelvic floor muscles. EMG Biofeedback has been shown to improve patient learning and awareness of proper pelvic floor muscle contraction, speed up progression, and improve motivation for patients to continue exercises as they observe measurable improvements. For clinicians, biofeedback provides a valuable source of objective information that can be documented along with meaningful criteria for exercise progression and modification.

Suggested Hardware

Using Noraxon’s multi-device software platform, users are able to simultaneously collect multiple types of biomechanical data from various hardware devices. All of the integrated devices are automatically synchronized and the easily accessible data allows for a quick but comprehensive understanding of how the human body is moving and what the contributing factors are. Our unified software makes it easy for users to integrate a variety of recording devices to fit any budget or unique application.

Customizable Pelvic Floor Therapy Report

Noraxon provides users with customizable reports to highlight the key results of data collection in a quick and efficient way.

Pelvic Floor Training using MR3

Measure, analyze & provide biofeedback to patients all in one unified software solution.

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