Introducing Ultium Motion


Ultium Motion, Noraxon’s next-generation inertial motion capture system, is equipped with a patent-pending state-of-the-art sensor design that delivers accurate & reliable kinematic data for all types of movement – including high velocity and high impact conditions – while maintaining the advantages of the multi-device myoRESEARCH software platform through the universal connectivity of the Ultium receiver.

The small water-resistant sensors and updated straps allow for natural movement to be captured while key technological advantages are sustained, including 10+ hour battery run time, Lossless data capture, and robust wireless communication.

With the Ultium Motion system and myoRESEARCH software, users will be able to easily capture 3D kinematics, accelerations, and joint trajectories in natural environments and in the lab for the purpose of measuring changes in movement patterns for a wide range of applications.

Several tools are built into the software for visualizing, optimizing, and analyzing data so that users can maintain a consistent workflow allowing them to focus less on the setup & operation of their equipment and more on finding the answers to their questions.

Learn more about Ultium Motion by watching this prerecorded webinar.