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Intro to EMG for Pelvic Floor

MR3 101: Tools for Biofeedback Training

Intro to EMG

Using sEMG to Assess Muscular Tension as an Indicator of Acute Stress in Horses

ISB 2021: Fully Integrated Movement Assessment with Qualisys, Noraxon, and h/p/cosmos

Analysis and Application of Countermovement Jump Data

Is the Scapular Dyskinesis Test an Accurate Screening Tool for Future Shoulder Pain?

MR3 101: Intro to Functional Calibrations and Using Your IMU System in Challenging Environments

Implementing Objective Clinical Reasoning in Medicine & Therapy

Ultium Motion Product Launch

Presenting Information in an Integrated Care Environment

Force Meets Pressure: The Future of Gait & Running Analysis

Measurement Applications for the Ultium Insole SmartLead

Every Day EMG: Clinical Applications of Biofeedback Training

Joining Forces: Jump & Neuromuscular Coordination Analysis with Noraxon and Kistler

Becoming a Triple Threat: Education by Measurement in the Clinic, Classroom, and Warehouse with Dr. Chris Hughes

Preseason Movement Screens: Should Fatigue be Considered? With Dr. Kevin Robinson

myoRESEARCH 3.16 Release

Modeling Matters as Much as Measurement with Dr. John Cockcroft

2D vs. 3D: What’s Right for Me?

How to Setup Custom Recording Protocols and Reporting in MR3

Vertical Jump Asymmetry Testing with Dr. Matt Jordan

Practicing Out of Your Vehicle: Return to Sport Testing from an SUV with Dr. Cassie Butts

Using Gait to Help Guide Training and Treatment with Dr. Nicholas Studholme

IMU Calibration Adjustment Tool