Ultium Motion Key Features

Ultium Motion boasts many ground-breaking improvements that allow for kinematic measurement that wasn’t previously possible with an inertial motion capture system:


A state-of-the-art MEMS sensor design (patent pending) allows for the capture of angular velocities up to 7,000 deg/s and linear accelerations up to 200 g, which are the highest measurement ranges available for an inertial motion capture sensor

Internal sampling rates up to 1600 Hz provide high resolution kinematic data outputs up to 400 Hz, which is the highest output rate available for an inertial motion capture system

The Ultium Motion sensor is reduced in size by 15% in length & width, over 30% in height, & 50% in weight compared to the Research PRO IMU sensor

The small form factor, lightweight wireless sensors & versatile strap set allow movement to be freely captured without restricting the user to a confined space

Integrated flash memory chips provide Lossless data capture guaranteeing a complete data set even when data transmission is interrupted


Universal connectivity with Ultium sensors allows up to 16 EMG or Motion sensors to be mixed and matched

Robust radio components and a proprietary frequency hopping communication protocol mitigates real-time data loss and supports transmission ranges up to 40m

USB power and data transfer allows for truly portable data collection

A direct connection to the Ultium sensor docking station allows stored data to be transferred post hoc 10x faster than the wireless streaming method

The Ultium Portable Lab is the only self-contained system of its kind to integrate and automatically synchronize wireless surface EMG technology (Ultium EMG), wireless inertial motion capture technology (Ultium Motion), and plug-and-play high-speed video camera technology (NiNOX)