myoMotion Research PRO IMU

Wearable 3D Motion Capture

The myoMOTION System uses an array of inertial measurement units (IMUs) to measure anatomical joint angles, orientation angles, and linear acceleration in natural and lab-based environments. Data and subject motion are displayed in real-time with graphs and a skeletal avatar. Generate customized reports or access quaternions and raw sensor data (accelerometer, gyroscopes, & magnetometers). Synchronize with EMG, pressure, force, video and third party devices within the myoRESEARCH software platform.


MAXIMUM # OF SENSORS16, plus 2 optional Object Sensors
ORIENTATION ANGLE ACCURACY0.25 degree (pitch/roll); 1.25 degreess (heading)
ANATOMICAL ANGLE ACCURACY+/- 1.0 degree (static); +/- 2.0 degrees (dynamic)
FAST IMU ELEMENT SET(included in both Clinical IMU Sensors and Research Pro IMU Sensors)
ANGULAR VELOCITY (GYROSCOPE)+/- 2000 degrees/sec Full Scale; Linearity: 0.2% of FS; Noise: .03 degrees/sec/√Hz; Internal Sampling Rate 400 Hz
ACCELERATION (ACCELEROMETERS)+/- 16g Full Scale; Noise 220 ug/√Hz; Internal Sampling Rate 400 Hz
MAGNETIC FIELD (MAGNETOMETERS)+/- 1.9 Gauss Full Scale; Internal Sampling Rate 70 Hz
SLOW IMU ELEMENT SET(available only in the Research Pro IMU Sensors)
ANGULAR VELOCITY (GYROSCOPE)+/- 515 degrees/sec Full Scale; Linearity: 0.1% of FS; Noise: .02 degrees/sec/√Hz; Internal Sampling Rate 800 Hz
ACCELERATION (ACCELEROMETERS)+/- 1.7g Full Scale; Linearity 0.2% of FS; Noise 110 ug/√Hz; Internal Sampling Rate 800 Hz
Dimensions52.2 X 37.8 X 18.1 mm

Required Software Module



The myoMOTION™ software module features a medically accurate avatar paired with a robust toolset for analyzing pre-processed motion records. Real-time data is automatically synchronized in an all-in-one analysis, enabling detailed human movement insight for performance enhancement, injury recovery or research metrics. Data export formats and HTTP streaming also allow compatibility with third-party research and animation programs.

Real-time capture of 3D kinematic data
Full body kinematics
Medically accurate avatar
"Lossless" data functionality
Contact detection
Gait Analysis
Running Analysis
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