The NiNOX cameras provide synchronized video for reference and 2D marker tracking. Its small size and aluminum housing make the camera highly portable and functional in many demanding environments. The NiNOX cameras stream real-time color video to the host computer through a USB3 connection.

For the more demanding user, the NiNOX 300C provides the ability to select from a variety of C-mount lenses and to manually adjust the focus point of the camera. The 300C also improves image quality by increasing light sensitivity, image resolution, and video frame rate.

ResolutionFRAME RATE
1920 X 108030 fps
1280 X 108060 fps
960 X 720100 fps
960 X 680125 fps
800 X 560200 fps
640 X 480250 fps
480 X 336300 fps

Required Software Module



With myoVIDEO™, you have the most cost-effective medical-grade solution for video-based biomechanics data capture and analysis. Patients, therapists, student and trainers can study valuable data and hone in on the patterns to better understand, assess and identify where improvements need to be made and when success is achieved.

With our myoSync solution, your cameras will automatically synchronize with each other as well as any other devices you may be using, and provide the most cost-effective medical grade solution for video documentation.

2D reflective marker tracking
Synchronization between multiple cameras
Merging of externally recorded video (GoPro, Phantom, etc.)
Force Vector Overlay
Real-time and post-hoc video compression
High speed video capture
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Capture the Moment

Capture the Moment

Exceptionally powerful, the NiNOX 125 and 300C are the only USB powered, high-speed, high-definition, perfectly synchronized camera and LED light tracking combination for human movement analysis in an ultra portable form factor.

Dynamic Movements

Dynamic Movements

NiNOX is the the most comprehensive solution for those working to capture dynamic movement data for research, clinical rehabilitation, athletics and sports medicine, and performance enhancement applications.

Streamlined Analysis

Streamlined Analysis

The accompanying software analysis module, myoVIDEO, streamlines the entire process by minimizing post-capture manipulation and optimizing analysis time.