myoPRESSURE™ Software Module

Pressure Treadmills, Platforms, & Insoles

The myoPRESSURE™ software module automatically calculates the average pressure print, COP gait line and butterfly diagram, COP Parameters, zone segmentation and zone separated force curves, peak force and duration statistics and averaged total force curve display.

myoPRESSURE Features

1-to-1 Scale Gait Report

Print a single or averaged pressure map to the scale of an actual foot size. The digital data or printed report can be used to fit insoles or address other foot deformity interventions.

Velocity Related Gait Parameter Norms

Normative ranges are included in the bilateral gait reports for all phase and temporal gait parameters. This includes support for velocities from 1.5 to 6.5 km/h.

Multi-Plate Configuration

Connect two pressure plates in sequence to create an extended walkway for overground gait analysis.

Normalized Force Calculations

myoPRESSURE Stance Mode allows for body weight normalization to be used in real-time biofeedback and measurement in order to understand relative forces and bilateral weight distribution.

Automatic Step Detection

Difficult gait and foot contact patterns are automatically detected with optimized step detection algorithms. This includes patterns with extreme crossover, asymmetric or incomplete contacts, and subjects using
mobility aids.

Gait & Stance Operating Modes

myoPRESSURE measurements can be completed with two different operating modes. Gait Mode allows for dynamic data capture during walking or running. Stance Mode allows for static data capture during balance assessments.

2D & 3D Pressure Animation

Freely rotate pressure animation with the mouse or select a top-down perspective to easily view the pressure distribution and CoP trace for each foot.

Frame-by-Frame Matrix Export

Pressure data can be analyzed and exported as a frame-by-frame cell matrix to allow users to complete custom analysis with the raw pressure data.

Maximum Pressure Plot Visualization

Enable the display of the maximum pressure value for each contact point of an entire step for faster visual analysis of the pressure distribution.

Zone Analysis

Plantar surface zone separations are based on the active area and mathematically divided to provide further understanding of specific impact locations, impact timing, and gait line characteristics. Each foot can be separated into three, seven, or ten zones for deeper analysis of the dynamic aspects and time-related properties of the vertical ground reaction forces.

Bilateral Gait Reports with CoP Analysis, Spatiotemporal Parameters, & Curve Analysis

Using the pressure distribution data, users can automatically generate a bilateral gait report equipped with center of pressure analysis, spatiotemporal gait parameters, such as step length and cadence, as well as left-right averaged curve analysis to investigate side-to-side differences during walking and running.

CoP Visualization & Analysis

Visualize the total or individual center of pressure during playback to understand the transition of force between and within steps. CoP lines are compiled in the gait report to provide a deeper analysis of the interaction between the foot and the ground.

Medilogic WLAN Integration

The Medilogic WLAN direct transmission pressure insole system is fully wireless and can transmit data with up to 400 Hz sampling. The wireless nature eliminates the need for a transmitter, synchronization device, or cabling that may affect gait and running activities.

Single Step Roll-Over Analysis

Analyze stance metrics, ground reaction force, and pressure distribution with the small pressure plate by performing alternating steps across the plate.