myoMUSCLE™ Software Module

Ultium EMG

The myoMUSCLE™ software module represents a powerful and user-friendly solution for analyzing kinesiological data obtained from our state-of-the-art Ultium EMG system, as well as older Noraxon legacy EMG systems. By leveraging this module's advanced toolset, users gain access to comprehensive and intricate information, enabling detailed insight for performance enhancement, injury prevention, and neuromuscular biofeedback.

myoMUSCLE Features

EMG Baseline & Impedance Checker

Quickly evaluate EMG RMS baseline noise and frequency content to understand overall signal quality. Determine the quality of skin preparation using the built-in impedance checker.

Streamlined MVC Normalization

Configure a measurement to apply amplitude normalization to multiple signals in real-time. Easily edit normalization techniques after the fact with the signal processing tools.

Lossless & Offline Data Recovery

Flash memory chips built in to each sensor store any data packets that cannot be sent to the receiver due to transmission interference or being out of range. Quickly recover stored data and fill in the gaps for multiple recordings at a time using the offline data recovery tool.

Automatic SmartLead Detection (Ultium)

Automatically detect Ultium SmartLeads with a single click in the Hardware Setup.

Integrated IMU Data (Ultium)

Measure and record acceleration, angular velocity, and magnetic field amplitude simultaneously with EMG using the Ultium system. Enable IMU data for individual sensors during measurement setup.

3D Anatomical Muscle Map

Interactive 3D model allows users to easily label or activate sensors when editing a configuration.