myoMOTION Data Logger

The myoMOTION data logger brings even more portability to the Noraxon motion capture system. With the myoMOTION data logger, users can be completely removed from any desktop or laptop computer normally used for data collection. The myoMOTION data logger directly records from both the Clinical and Research Pro IMUs. This allows the user complete freedom over the environment, whether it be a trail run through the mountains, or a bike ride along the road.

Upon completion of the recorded activity, the data can be imported from the data logger into the myoMotion software module for processing and analysis. Once imported into MR3, the IMU data will be applied to the MR3 skeleton with all 3D kinematic data available to the user.

Input Channels16 IMU sensors (Clinical or Research Pro)
Additional sensorsDTS footswitch
Sample Rate100 / 200 Hz
Operating time8 hrs
Import file lengthFiles longer than 1 hour will be split into 1 hour increments within MR3

Required Software Module



The myoMOTION™ software module features a skeletal avatar and streaming of anatomical joint angles, orientation angles, and acceleration data. Real-time data is automatically synchronized in an all-in-one analysis, enabling detailed human movement insight for performance enhancement, injury recovery or research metrics.

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