Analog Input System

The Analog Input System (AIS) is a complementary module for converting analog signal voltages into digital form. The AIS can be used with both the myoAnalog and myoForce software modules.  The AIS can acquire data from up to 16 analog voltage signals at sampling rates of 1500 or 3000 Hz. Two Analog Input Systems can be linked to synchronously measure up to 32 analog signals.

Typical use:

  • Analog force plate (AMTI, Bertec, or Kistler)
  • Biodex system
  • CSMI (Cybex system)
Input Channels16
Sample rate1500 / 3000 Hz
Resolution16 bit
Bipolar input voltage range+/- 10V
Input impedance10 MΩ
Oversampling64X (192 kHz per channel)
2nd order anti-alias filter3dB cutoff at 22 kHz
Speak to a representative: (480) 443-3413

Required Software Module



myoANALOG™ provides a way to bring in any type of data from hardware with analog output capability. Exercise equipment like stationary bicycles, isokinetic machines, custom sensors or any other type of analog signal can be combined with other data within myoRESEARCH®. This creates a single location to store, review and analyze your data.

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