Noraxon myoMETRICSTM Platform

A fully synchronized biomechanics evaluation software system, combined with a portfolio of fully integrated hardware tools and a community that is changing the way you study human movement – forever.

Powerful Synergy

The Noraxon Biomechanics Research Platform was developed with the singular goal of enabling a precise understanding of human movement throughout a global community. To that end, we design and deliver a unique and revolutionary portfolio of high-quality hardware, integrated with our proprietary software and tested by a team of inspired individuals who are dedicated to innovation. It’s a powerful combination that allows you to capture data in its most natural environment. And it’s changing the way the world looks at human movement.

Tailored to Your Workflow

All-in-One Biomechanics Research Solutions developed with you in mind.

myoMETRICS lab is an all-in-one research-grade solution that instantly establishes you as the leader in biomechanical assessment. This cutting-edge, turnkey solution includes all the equipment, software, configuration, training, furnishings and installation required to be up and running immediately in just days.