Introducing MR4

Introducing MR4, the most user-friendly version of our software yet!

Designed to streamline your workflow, MR4 represents a leap forward in efficiency, empowering users to accomplish more in less time. With innovative features and an intuitive interface, MR4 promises to make data capture and analysis quicker and easier than ever before.

User-Friendly Application Layer 

An updated interface provides a smoother, more intuitive operation while maintaining the comforts of the 5-stage MR workflow. Improve efficiency with changes like:

  • Updated Layout: A refreshed look highlights the important actions and improves navigation. With the context-based right-side tool menu, users can conveniently access relevant actions and options throughout the software workflow.
  • User-Defined Protocols: Users can generate their own custom workflows for enhanced efficiency within their specific applications.
  • Free Capture: Users can still produce continuous recordings without any prescribed workflow and access all the familiar tools for visualization and analysis.​

Markerless 2D Video Analysis

MR4 now incorporates a 2D markerless tracking engine for dynamic activities such as gait & running, jumping, lifting, and range of motion.

Key features include:

  • Tracked angles displayed on video
  • Access to time series data for angles
  • Automated contact detection built in for gait and running

Powers Running Assessment

In collaboration with Dr. Chris Powers, we present an add-on for analyzing running biomechanics. Improve efficiency with:

  • Streamlined Workflow: Simplified click sequence from capture to report
  • Guided Analysis: Investigation profiles and parameters based on Dr. Powers’ running assessment protocols
  • Complete Quality Control: User-driven event and parameter review provides control over automated processes as needed
  • Automated Reporting: Visual diagrams of the score & parameters for a quick interpretation of running mechanics

Updated Ergonomics Toolkit

Automated & objective ergonomics tools for standard human factors assessments have been added and updated. The toolkit now includes:

  • NIOSH Lifting Equation
  • Liberty Mutual Manual Materials Handling Equations
  • Lumbar Disc Compression Analysis
  • RULA & REBA Scoring
  • Static & Dynamic Posture Analysis

Multi-User-Access Database

Allow users on different workstations to access a central database on a local server and apply inter-organization data security.