Increased Jump Height for Better Volleyball Performance

Subject’s age: 15

Subject’s gender: Female

Reason for visit:

Increased jump height for better volleyball performance.

Noraxon hardware used:

Duel force plates & 1 NiNOX high-speed video camera. 

Key Improvements Shown in Comparison Report:

Higher jump height, lower eccentric mean and max KAI.

Key findings:

Jump height wasn’t as high as we wanted, and eccentric KAI numbers were very high.

Treatment summary:

Lots of jumping with varying loads, loading her right side more than the left to decrease KAI.

Assessment & Training Outcomes:

Athlete jumping higher, playing better volleyball. She became able to “play above the net” and her spikes and serves improved as she could angle them lower, thanks to jumping higher.


Click image to see full comparison report.

Before                                                            After