Consolidate Your Data Without Compromising on Insights

One Company • One Software • Limitless Insights

Working with multiple software platforms can be frustrating. From compatibility issues to inconsistent results, a substantial amount of time can be lost trying to switch between different software packages, disrupting the workflow. Moreover, when working with various devices and multiple software programs, fragmented data storage and analysis processes can occur which makes it harder to manage and track projects efficiently. 

Keeping multiple software platforms up to date can be challenging, especially if they require frequent updates or are not backward compatible. This can lead to version incompatibility between devices and further hinder productivity. Furthermore, multiple support teams and portals can lead to inconsistencies and frustration for the user, costing more money, time, and energy spent. 

Fortunately, Noraxon’s myoRESEARCH® offers a suite of plug-and-play hardware modules that are instantly synchronized to allow the assessment and analysis of human movement and performance, eliminating complexity and saving valuable time. With one support team and one software, users can consolidate their data without compromising on insights, saving time, and energy which allows for more to be done in the lab or field.


Benefits of Working with Noraxon®

One support team

Dedicated support engineers that come from one company understand the suite of products and value the customers, building lasting relationships and taking the time to get to know their unique needs and applications. This saves time and energy versus working with multiple companies with different support teams, as they might not understand the issue at hand completely which can lead to users experiencing more delays and/or more frustration.

One workflow & one database 

Users utilizing one software, eliminate the unnecessary time it takes to learn multiple applications and databases. By using a familiar workflow, users can focus on the important aspects of their work versus struggling to understand the platforms and how they might work together.

Benefits of Using myoRESEARCH®

  • Streamlined User-Friendly Workflow
      • Boosted productivity with an intuitive interface and streamlined processes that allow for an efficient data collection and analysis workflow
  • Synchronized & Integrated Tech Ecosystem
      • Seamlessly connect and integrate multiple measurement devices to eliminate data silos and evaluate human movement completely.
  • Automated & Customizable Reporting
      • Save time and effort with automated reporting features, while also having the flexibility to customize reports to meet specific needs.
  • Real-Time Data Visualization & Feedback
      • Gain instant insights and feedback with real-time data visualization to enhance the effectiveness of measurements.
  • Point-and-Click Signal Processing Tools
      • Quickly process and analyze signals with a user-friendly point-and-click interface that simplifies complex data processing tasks for better efficiency and repeatability.
  • Total Data Access & Control
      • Enjoy complete control over data with local storage and robust access controls to manage, share, and protect data as needed.