2022 User Group Meeting Recap

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2022 User Group Meeting! It was a wonderful weekend filled with collaboration and education. We are grateful for the opportunity to learn and receive feedback from the people who know our products best – our users. Each year, we’re so impressed by our customers’ willingness to share their unique insights and the lasting connections that are made between guests, speakers, & the Noraxon team. We truly love hosting this incredible event and we’re already excited for the 2023 User Group Meeting!

Here’s a quick recap of what happened over the weekend:

2022 Keynote Speakers:

Dr. Matt Jordan has been a performance scientist working with elite athletes over six Olympic Winter Games. Matt holds a Master of Science in Exercise and Neuromuscular Physiology, and a PhD in Medical Science. His research focuses on neuromuscular adaptations to resistance training and knee injury/re-injury prevention. A key method in his research is the development of neuromuscular testing techniques that can be used to monitor recovery after knee injuries to forecast recovery and improve rehabilitation. 

Dr. Phil Page is a licensed physical therapist, athletic trainer, and certified strength & conditioning specialist. He graduated from LSU in physical therapy and received his master’s degree in exercise physiology from Mississippi State University, as well as a doctorate in Kinesiology from LSU. He has been involved in rehabilitation and sports medicine for over 25 years. Dr. Page’s clinical and research interests include the role of muscle imbalance in musculoskeletal pain, and promoting physical activity for health-related physical fitness, particularly for chronic disease management.

Dr. Nick Studholme is an expert in treating chronic pain, sports-related injuries, and analyzing and improving running form and technique. As a health care practitioner, Dr. Studholme believes that personalized preventive care is of the utmost importance in helping people achieve their health goals. Dr. Studholme works regularly with EPL, MLS, NHL players, and many of the top triathletes in the world, including Olympic medalists and Ironman Kona winners. He is also the chiropractic consultant for the University of Denver Sports and Athletics Program. 

Dr. Carter Hoffman is a physical therapist and National Strength and Conditioning Association (NCSA) Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Carter’s doctoral level training in the human movement system and additional strength and conditioning training helps him apply principles of human anatomy, kinesiology, human performance, and throwing/hitting mechanics to effect change. Carter has worked with baseball players of all ages and skill levels, including members of the Milwaukee Brewers, San Diego Padres, Seattle Mariners, San Francisco Giants, Chicago White Sox, Arizona Diamondbacks, Cincinnati Reds, and Kansas City Royals organizations. 

Our keynote speakers delivered informative and educational lectures on a variety of topics:

“Jump Analysis for Athlete Monitoring and Rehabilitation” by Matt Jordan
Dr. Jordan covered the details of establishing a multifaceted return-to-sport training plan through neuromuscular and vertical jump testing.

“Integrating Technology in Clinical Gait Analysis” by Phil Page
Dr. Page shared his decision-tree approach to gait analysis that incorporates technology with clinical assessment.

“Breaking Down Balance and the Rehabilitation Process” by Nick Studholme
Dr. Studholme discussed how to effectively use balance data to improve clinical outcomes.

“Understanding Rotation: A Clinicians Guide to Impacting the Kinematic Sequence”  by Carter Hoffman
Dr. Hoffman shared the basics of rotation and physics for impacting high-level sports sequencing using clinical biomechanics.

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The interactive break-out sessions allowed users to see, in real-time, how others are using Noraxon in various applications:

“Jump Analysis with Force Plates” by Matt Jordan
Dr. Jordan demonstrated how to devise and operate a vertical jump testing protocol to help guide the return-to-sport process.

“Analyzing Exercise Prescription with Surface EMG” by Phil Page
Dr. Page explored the use of surface EMG analysis and biofeedback to quantify the effectiveness of your resistance exercise prescriptions.

“Evaluating Balance and Stability with a Pressure Plate” by Nick Studholme
Dr. Studholme showed how to assess balance and stability to help develop individualized rehab strategies and improve physical performance.

“Analyzing the Kinematic Sequence of Overhead Throwing with Ultium Motion”  by Carter Hoffman
Dr. Hoffman shared how to objectively measure the kinematic sequence and its components to understand overhead throwing and drive decision-making in the sports medicine clinic.

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The Noraxon team provided further technical training for users of all skill-levels:

“Getting More Out of Markers: Automated Range of Motion Analysis Using the Marker Menu and Period Definition Tools in MR3.”
by Lindsey Hennington, Support and Applications Engineer
Lindsey shared the steps of automatically setting event markers and defining periods, based on kinematic signal characteristics, to make report generation more efficient.

“Happy Hardware: Tips for a Successful Data Capture”
by Zach Scarano, Director of Product Management
Zach showed the best practices for setting up IMU and EMG sensors in a multi-device measurement.

And perhaps most importantly of all – the speakers, attendees, and Noraxon staff developed meaningful relationships and long-lasting connections: