2021 User Group Meeting Recap

We had such a great time at the 2021 Noraxon User Group Meeting. This year we had an incredible lineup of inspiring speakers & Noraxon users from different walks of life. This event gave novice & experienced users a chance to learn, grow, and network with people who they might not otherwise have the chance to meet with. We’re looking forward to doing it again next year!

A big thank you to all of our speakers, workshop volunteers, and everybody who attended for making this year’s meeting such a wonderful learning experience, we couldn’t do it without your participation!

Here’s a quick recap of what transpired:

2021 Keynote Speakers:

Featured Guest Lectures:

  • “Preseason Movement Screens: Should Fatigue be Considered?”
    by Kevin Robinson
  • “The Importance of Gluteal Muscle Training in Addressing Lower Extremity Pathomechanics”
    by Chris Powers
  • “Using Technology as a Strategy to Drive Clinical Outcomes”
    by Ken Johnson
  • “The Running Blueprint”
    by Kevin Vandi
  • “Protecting Elite Athletes: Principles in Screening and Monitoring”
    by Dustin Nabhan

Technical Workshops:

  • Addressing Lower Extremity Pathomechanics with EMG Biofeedback with Chris Powers
  • Preseason & Return-to-Play Screening Using Motion Capture and Force Plates with Kevin Robinson
  • Force Plate Applications in MR3 with Lindsey Hennington
  • Using Technology for Real-Time Running Biofeedback with Kevin Vandi
  • Capturing the Kinematic Sequence Using Ultium Motion with Zach Scarano

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