The Portable Lab (Webinar post)

Check out the previously recorded Portable Lab Webinar to learn about what is inside our Portable Lab system.

Zach Scarano, one of our in-house engineers, talks about how the Noraxon Portable Lab is more than a box to transport your equipment. Each Portable Lab is instrumented with a custom configuration of EMG and IMU sensors, charging docks, and receivers. With everything built in, the only thing left to do is connect your computer. You can also easily add accessory equipment, like high speed video cameras or force plates to your recording session – making set-up and tear down fast and convenient. 

The Portable Lab might be just what you need to get out of the lab or the clinic.

In this webinar Zach will show you:

  • The exact equipment built into each Portable Lab

  • The quick and easy steps for setting up for a recording session 

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