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“Our goal is to understand sports injuries and improve their prevention and treatment. We use Noraxon’s EMG instruments to help us understand how muscles work and how they relate to proper and improper motions. We need to be sure that we’re getting pure muscle signals and not noise. That’s why this equipment is valuable to us.”

- Glen S. Fleisig, Ph.D., Director of Research, American Sports Medicine Institute

"The [Pressure Instrumented Treadmill] is working well as usual and has played a huge role in making our running evaluations successful. We have been using the stance analysis feature a lot more often with our post-ACL patients—it is an excellent biofeedback tool for them, and patients love to see the detailed report the software generates."

- Caitlin Pearl, MS, Clinical Biomechanist, National Institute for Athletic Health and Performance at Sanford Medica

Throughout the past year, I have had the pleasure of working with Zach Scarano regarding Noraxon’s technology. We’ve worked extensively on a bi-monthly basis and he has been flawless in his execution of my needs. His in depth knowledge of troubleshooting the over-all operating system as well as the subtle nuances of testing configuration and report generation is astounding. Additionally, his willingness to make himself readily available at nearly any hour during the work day and even occasionally after work hours is much appreciated. Zach’s passion for helping others is boldly apparent by his sense of urgency and care to effectively address and overcome any obstacle or problem asked of him. In the rare occurrence Zach is unable to offer an immediate solution, he always offers an alternative approach and promptly pursues other team members who can help rectify the situation. His ability to maintain poise under pressure and exude a positive outlook is contagious and helps me keep my composure when concerns arise. I look forward to working with Zach as my work with Noraxon continues.

- Alex Moorhead, Sports Medicine Services Assistant, United States Olympic Committee, Colorado Springs, CO

We've had a Noraxon/Zebris FDM-T system for about a year and we're very happy it. We apply our foot orthoses to the foot using Coban to evaluate changes in the gait parameters with our prescription orthotic devices. The main things we like about the system include: No need for expensive sensors, therefore cheaper for patients to take the gait analysis No sensors set up means a faster gait analysis session Small footprint—we chose one of the smaller instrumented treadmills as we're short of space Easy calibration method The software is not as features rich as say F-Scan but is does everything we need. Be sure to ask for a sample software and sample files to make sure it does what you specifically want it to do Excellent after-sales help and attention. Sally Crawford is great!

- Dr. Raymond J. Anthony, MA, FCPodS, DPodM, The Chrissie Tomlinson Memorial Hospital, Director & Podiatric Consultant, George Town Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Our DTS is working beautifully. My patients love it and they say it really helps them to see if they are actually using the muscles to their maximum potential. It also has really helped me identify overactive or under active musculature as well. Could not say enough good things about it!

- Dr. Ryan Meyers, PT, DPT, MTC, San Buenaventura Physical Therapy

I have been assisted by Zach Scarano at your company with some technical support, software and hardware questions that I have had over the last few days. In working with Zach, I have received exceptional service. I deal with lots of different technologies in my job and I am constantly calling for support for one reason or another. I can truly say that Zach provided me with some of the best service/support that I have experienced in a while. I would like to commend Zach for this and let you know that my experience with him and with your company has been very positive! Great job!

- Pro Stergiou | Director, Biomechanics & Performance Analysis | CANADIAN SPORT INSTITUTE