myoFORCE™: Kinetic Data Acquisition and Analysis


The Next Step in Integration: myoFORCE unlocks the ability to integrate force plates into myoRESEARCH 3 (MR3), Noraxon’s multidimensional, all-in-one software and processing solution that guarantees simplification and improvement of your workflow. It provides users access to real-time data, accurate biofeedback, and extensive reporting and analysis capabilities. Researchers can support, automate and synchronize multiple biomechanical assessment
technologies, while significantly reducing setup and processing time.


Similar to Noraxon’s entire suite of biomechanical software modules, myoFORCE is purpose-built for research and custom-tailored to clinical and human performance settings. This new 3D force analysis software delivers a full suite of force statistics, allowing you to rapidly develop reporting on gait assessments, athletic performance, jump analysis, injury analysis and return-to-play research-based applications for sports science.


The myoFORCE module is the next step in integration,caccommodating a synchronized digital connection with AMTI, Bertec and Kistler force plates. Once integrated, MR3 provides a host of features that allows you to maximize the utility of your force plate technology with the option to automatically synchronize 3D force with electromyography (EMG), high-speed video and 3D motion analysis.


With the power of MR3 and the metrics available in myoFORCE, the insight that comes from kinetic data is simple to capture, quick to analyze and robust for building out custom reporting.