Mini DTS

The Mini Direct Transmission System (DTS) for EMG and other biomechanical sensors directly transmits data from the electrode or sensor site to a small USB receiver. MR3 myoMUSCLE, Noraxon’s biomechanical analysis software, comes standard as well as the option to use the miniDTS with Noraxon’s multi-device concept.


The default system is equipped with EMG preamplifiers but can be upgraded with other biomechanical sensors like accelerometers, goniometers, inclinometers, hand dynamometers, foot  witches, etc. The synchronization system can be used to accurately synchronize the miniDTS System with myoMOTION, myoPRESSURE, myoVIDEO and/or with other biomechanical devices.

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Small On Size, BIG On Power

The miniDTS was created as a direct result of a multitude of requests from the research community. They wanted something that was small, lightweight, powerful and with just as much fidelity as the big systems. The problem was their budget. Sometimes a research project or small teaching lab only needs 4 channels of EMG or just 2 accelerometers. The miniDTS is the solution to this  conundrum as it offers all of these features at almost half the price of traditional research grade EMG systems.

The miniDTS utilizes the same high fidelity sensors as the bigger research systems and we have made it easy and cost effective to upgrade to a larger system in the future. This means you can accomplish your research goals today and have a clear path to future projects that require systems that can handle up to 32 channels. Both systems use the same EMG and other biomechanical sensors, which means that you only have to upgrade your receiver as your needs change.



Sample Rate

1500, 3000


16 bits






> 100dB

Input Impedance

> 100Mohm

Baseline Noise

< 1uVRMS

EMG Sensor Size

3.4cm (L) x 2.4cm (W) x 1.4cm (H)

Receiver Size

7.66cm (L) x 10.18cm (W) x 3.55cm (H)

Mini DTS Manual
Mini DTS Firmware 5.05

Mini DTS Firmware version 5.05

Mini DTS Datasheet