TeleMyo 2400T G2

Up to 32 Channels

The TELEmyo 2400T G2 Transmitter is the latest generation of surface and Fine Wire telemetric EMG systems that transmits up to 300 feet (100 meters). It combines high-quality, scientifically-reliable data with mobility, flexibility and ease-of-use for clinicians, researchers, sports medicine professionals, ergonomists, and athletic trainers. The default system includes a 4, 8, 12, 16-channel transmitter unit, a PC Interface Receiver, a USB A to Mini-B cable, the myoMUSCLE software, a WiFi radio card, leads/Pre-Amps – pinch, a battery charger, and a belt worn holster and belt clip for easy use.

The option of purchasing an additional transmitter expands the system up to 32 channels for any combination of EMG and other analog signal. Virtually any analog sensor that is battery-operated and works within +/- 5 volts can be connected directly to the system, such as foot switched and goniometers. In addition to the on-site pre-amplifiers, the “active leads” use Noraxon’s patented signal amplifier technology, which provides clean, consistent and reliable data. The system can also be used as a datalogger when the WiFi board is exchanged with a flash memory board (up to 4GB).

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Flexible. Adaptable. Easy to Use.

  • Noraxon’s superior signal quality
  • Fully compatible with ISEK and SENIAM standards for surface and fine wire EMG
  • Expandable for any channel combination between 4 and 32 data channels
  • Exchangeable battery with 8 hours operation time
  • Unlimited time when used with a second battery
  • Complete line of plug-in sensors.
  • Power to operate third-party sensors at each input port
  • General signal input range +/- 5 volts
  • Two available digital channels for e.g. foot switch systems
  • Optional Fine Wire amplifiers with selectable band width
  • Two individual systems can be combined up to a 32-channel system
  • Unique receiver concept with analog input channels and up to 32-analog output channels
  • Easy installation: no need to struggle with Windows network setting
  • Precise and flexible wireless synchronization trigger system
  • Standard digital sync channel for coordinating other devices (e.g. wireless sync trigger, evoked potential stimuli)


Sample Rate

1500Hz, 3000Hz


16 bits


12, 16, 32 (with 2 Transmitters), 4, 8




> 100dB

Input Impedance

> 100Mohm

Inline 3D Accelerometer User Manual
Inline 1D/2D Electrical Goniometer User Manual
Inline FootSwitch User Manual
TeleMyo 2400 G2 PC Interface User Manual
TeleMyo 2400 G2 Mini Receiver User Manual
TeleMyo 2400R G2 User Manual
TeleMyo 2400T G2 User Manual
MyoMuscle User Guide v3.6
2400T G2 Brochure
MyoAiro Protocol

Wireless Protocol for using the 2400T V1/V2 or G2 with an internal WiFI adapter

TeleMyo 2400T G2 Firmware 4.10

Firmware update for the TeleMyo 2400T G2.  Unzip to a CF Memory card to install.