3D Motion Capture


myoMOTION enables the capture of human motion in three degrees of freedom (3-DOF), wirelessly, at an industry leading 200 Hz. Translational data via double integration is simple and accurate with our built-in math tool kit.
An extremely compact and lightweight Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) placed on any segment of the body precisely tracks the 3D angular orientation of that body section.
Range of Motion
By positioning individual IMU sensors on two contiguous body segments, the intervening joint ROM can be determined, acting as a virtual goniometer.
Full Body
This concept is easily expandable from a single joint of interest to a simultaneous full body measurement across all major articulations, without sacrificing speed or accuracy.
Capture the most precise measurements for accelerations, angular velocity and angular orientation. Combine myoMOTION with EMG, Video,  Pressure or any other analog signal (force plates, isokinetics, etc.) for a automatically synchronized all-in-one analysis.


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