myoANALOG™ Third-Party Analog Signal Integration

At Noraxon we aim to have our systems be as open and honest as possible, resulting in no dead ends for our customers. myoANALOG is the epitome of this pursuit to support our customers, as it provides a way to bring in any type of data from hardware with analog output capability.

From exercise equipment like stationary bicycles, isokinetic machines, custom sensors or any other type of analog signal can be combined with other data within myoRESEARCH®. This creates a single location to store, review and analyze your data.

myoANALOG™ Highlights

Analog Input System

Analog Input System

myoANALOG allows for standard integration to any analog signal with our analog input system. This is the link between myoANALOG and the signals that magnify the insights of your research.

Wireless Analog Input

Wireless Analog Input

Wireless transmission of a signal can be achieved by using our DTS technology. Now any analog signal can be remotely transmitted and wires removed, for a seamless research experience.

Custom Reporting

Custom Reporting

Any analog signals brought into myoANALOG can be analyzed in the same way as native Noraxon equipment. This allows new sensors or other signals that are brought into myoANALOG to be included and normalized to your defined period definitions.


Integrate and synchronize any device that has an analog signal. From isokinetic machines to custom made sensors, myoANALOG is the perfect way to analyze these signals by themselves or combined with other biomechanics assessment technology.


  • Quick Analysis
  • Standard EMG Analysis – Universal Biomechanics

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