Biomechanics Research

Expert biomechanics research and analysis has far-reaching influence across surgery techniques, athletic performance, neuroscience, and product design. The myoMETRICS Lab is a universal biomechanics research platform consisting of high-tech yet easy-to-use hardware and an integrated software platform that perfectly synchronizes data and streamlines the collection and analysis workflow.

“Ultium is a game changer, as researchers, sports scientists and medical professionals can now capture multi-modal data and complete complex analysis in a matter of minutes, with the ability to upgrade their systems incrementally rather than investing in a whole new platform.”

John Cockcroft

Managing Staff Scientist, Neuromechanics
Stellenbosch University

Research Solutions


Wireless Without Compromise

Whether add on EMG to your biomechanics lab or upgrading your older systems, choose the most reliable, highest fidelity EMG system on the market , Ultium.  With its smart-lead technology you can effortlessly switch from one type of data collection to another.


  • Ultium EMG: 16 channel wireless EMG
    (2) 100g accelerometer SmartLeads
    (2) footswitch insole SmartLeads
    (1) analog input SmartLead

Biomechanics Lab

Comprehensive, Fully Integrated, Non-Traditional

For comprehensive biomechanics investigations, never be without the research grade equipment you need for any experiment. The myoMETRICS Biomechanics Lab is a solution that includes every modality of data you will need. EMG, 3D Motion, Force, and Video are all included in this solution.


  • Ultium EMG: 16 channel wireless EMG
    (2) 100g accelerometer SmartLeads
    (1) Physiomonitor SmartLeads
    (1) analog input SmartLeads
  • myoMOTION Research 16 (full body) system
  • NiNOX 125 & 250 (2 cameras) video system
  • myoFORCE (software module only)

Portable Lab

Any data. Anywhere.

With our wireless technology and IMU accuracy continues to push the cutting edge of research grade equipment, we have created a solution that allows for research quality data to be captured in its natural environment, outside of the lab. The Portable Lab is the perfect complement to any research lab, extending the possibilities of research for any lab willing to push the boundaries.


  • Portable Lab (synchronized suitcase)
  • Mini-DTS: 8 channels of EMG
  • 3D Motion Capture – Research 16 sensor (full-body) system
  • NiNOX 250 (2 cameras) video system
  • myoFORCE (software module only)
  • 2-year HW/SW warranty
  • 8 hours support & 1 day in-service (USA only)

Additional myoMETRICS™ Lab Packages

Sports Scientist

Capture and evaluate performance for pre-hab and rehab.

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Medical Professional

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Clinical Specialist

Need to establish a biomechanics program quickly and seeking a turnkey solution?

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Human-Factors Engineering

Product design and workplace safety solutions.

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