Gait, Stance, Balance and Jump Kinetics

The myoPRESSURE software module automatically calculates the average pressure print, COP gait line and butterfly diagram, COP Parameters, zone segmentation and zone separated force curves, peak force and duration statistics and averaged total force curve display. Timing and velocity statistics are all standard in the all-in-one analysis & reports, enabling detailed human movement insight for performance enhancement, injury recovery or research metrics.

Remain confident with evidence-based objectification of every step parameter, analysis of any area on the plantar surface and facilitation of the identification of gait abnormalities. History reporting and progress tracking are automated for even the most functional or dynamic movements without the need for cables that restrict the freedom of movement.

myoPRESSURE™ Highlights

Latest myoPRESSURE™ Release

Automatic Step Detection

Automatic Step Detection

myoPRESSURE has an improved step detection algorithm which allows for left and right foot separation, as well as the identification of walking aids (i.e. walkers, canes, crutches, etc.)

Balance Biofeedback

Balance Biofeedback

The live biofeedback now applies to balance applications. With the new myoPRESSURE module we have developed a live center of pressure calculations with the use of our pressure platforms. Now see left, right, forefoot, and rearfoot separation, as well as an overall center of pressure, live.

Custom Gait Reports

Custom Gait Reports

Whether you are walking or running, we can now streamline the analysis of your pressure data. The reporting tool within myoPressure allows for spatial, temporal, and timing parameters of the subjects gait to be calculated directly from the software.


  • Pressure Insoles: lossless transmission and
    correction of offsets and calibration to body weight
  • Pressure Plate: manual correction of invalid steps (remove function),
    dual floor plate support and frame-by-frame/raw data export (XML)

Report Examples

  • Quick Analysis
  • 1:1 Print Gait
  • 1:1 Print Stance
  • Bilateral Gait
  • Bilateral Gait & 3 Zones
  • Bilateral Gait Side Overlay
  • Gait Line
  • Roll-Over Gait
  • Stance

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