Medical Professionals

Whether working with patients in post-injury rehabilitation or with functional neurological disorders, returning them to life, work or sport is critical to their quality of life. With Noraxon’s suite of FDA and Medical CE certified equipment, easy-to-use data analysis and reporting tools, you are armed with precise data, biofeedback and clinical insights to fully understand your patients’ challenges and support their recovery.

“Under total force I can show a reduction in stress of 5%. However, with the 3 zone graphs, I can show a clear breakout of how their forces shifted in the foot. Meanwhile, the big news is that I got 200N (33% reduction) of stress out of the heel, a 44 lb. reduction in stress from every foot fall.  The impact stress can be reduced through a number of strategies such as a change in footwear, an increased cadence, an increase in gluteal recruitment (combining the pressure data with EMG data to do biofeedback training) or all of the above.”

Ken Johnson

Johns Hopkins Healthcare & Surgery Center

Medical Professional Solutions


Run Gait and Balance Analysis

Running/gait analysis is a critical assessment when investigating functional movement qualities. This high performance gait analysis package ensures you have all the equipment you need to hone in on any inefficiencies or injury indicators.


  • forZe: PhysTread (high speed pressure treadmill)
    Includes reverse and safety arch
  • Clinical-DTS: 4 channels of EMG
    Includes: (2) accelerometers, (1) biomonitor
  • 3D Motion Capture Clinical 9 sensor (half body) system
  • NiNOX 125 (2 cameras) video system


Gait and Balance Analysis

Overground gait analysis and balance testing is a fundamental tool for medical professionals in the neurologic and orthopedic fields. Within this package we have included everything needed to streamline the gait analysis and balance testing process to objectively evaluate patients.


  • forZe: Walkway 2.5 (2.5 meter pressure plate)
  • Clinical DTS: 4 channels of EMG
  • 3D Motion Capture Clinical 9 sensor (half-body) system
  • NiNOX 125  (2 cameras) video system

Portable Lab

Biomechanics Assessment At Home

The role of clinicians is continuing to grow as healthcare evolves, taking a single facility provider to a multi-practice, multi-hospital credentialed practitioner. The time efficiency, medical-grade accuracy, and portability built into the portable lab give clinicians the option to bring the clinic with them and maximize their impact on the patient.


  • Portable Lab (synchronized suitcase)
  • Mini-DTS: 4 channels of EMG
    Includes: (1) biomonitor
  • 3D Motion Capture – Clinical 9 sensor (half-body) system
  • NiNOX 125 (1 camera) video system
  • 2-year HW/SW warranty
  • 8 hours support & 1 day in-service (USA only)

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