Flexiforce SmartLead

The Ultium Flexiforce SmartLead provides the user with a quick and easy modality for the collection and analysis of pressure sensor data. The  SmartLead works in conjunction with a thin, flexible, simple to use FlexiForce sensor. Each SmartLead can attach to and capture data from a single FlexiForce sensor. The FlexiForce sensor is available in three different input ranges.

Input Channels1
Sample Rate2000/4000 Hz
Input Range (3 sensor options)0-1 lbf (0-4.5 N), 0-25 lbf (0-111 N), 0-100 lbf (0-445 N)
Resolution0.00009 lbf (0-1 lbf), 0.009 lbf (0-25 lbf), 0.00425 lbf (0-100 lbf)
Linearity (Error)< +/- 5%
Repeatability< +/- 2.5% full scale
Hysteresis< 4.5% full scale

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Required Software Module



The myoMUSCLE™ software module features an easy-to-use toolset capable of handling kinesiological data captured with our Ultium EMG system, as well as any other Noraxon legacy EMG systems, enabling detailed insight for performance enhancement, injury prevention, and neuromuscular biofeedback.

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