Flexiforce SmartLead

The Ultium Flexiforce SmartLead provides the user with a quick and easy modality for the collection and analysis of pressure sensor data. The  SmartLead works in conjunction with a thin, flexible, simple to use FlexiForce sensor. Each SmartLead can attach to and capture data from a single FlexiForce sensor. The FlexiForce sensor is available in three different input ranges.

Input Channels1
Sample Rate2000/4000 Hz
Input Range (3 sensor options)0-1 lbf (0-4.5 N), 0-25 lbf (0-111 N), 0-100 lbf (0-445 N)
Resolution0.00009 lbf (0-1 lbf), 0.009 lbf (0-25 lbf), 0.00425 lbf (0-100 lbf)
Linearity (Error)< +/- 5%
Repeatability< +/- 2.5% full scale
Hysteresis< 4.5% full scale

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