FDM 1.5 Pressure Walkway

Our largest, most robust pressure walkway delivers perfectly synchronized data through myoPRESSURE and the myoRESEARCH® software platform. The FDM 1.5 measurement platform is equipped with 11,264 sensors and measures 158 x 60.5 cm. Consisting of a multitude of individually calibrated capacitive force sensors, these platforms enable an analysis of the distribution of static and dynamic forces under the feet during standing or walking. Foot deformities, foot function, and stance can all be analyzed. Any number of stance tests, roll-off patterns or balance/equilibrium analyses can be accomplished quickly and efficiently. The FDM 1.5 can be paired with a second FDM 1.5 to achieve 3 meters in total length.

  • Load sequence feedback
  • Evaluation reports that show maximum pressures, force curves and individual phases of the roll-off pattern
  • Analysis of static load distribution
  • Gait velocity, variable velocity, step time, swing time, stance time, single support time, double support time, step length, stride length, step width, butterfly table, forces and average of forces.
Measuring Range1-120 N/cm2
Sample Rate100 Hz, optional 200 Hz/300 Hz
Walkway surface149 x 54.2 cm
Number of Sensors11, 264
Accuracy / Hysterisis± 5 % (FS) / <3% (FS)
Dimensions158 x 60.5 x 2.1 cm
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Required Software Module



The myoPRESSURE™ software module automatically calculates the average pressure print, COP gait line and butterfly diagram, COP Parameters, zone segmentation and zone separated force curves, peak force and duration statistics and averaged total force curve display.

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