Clinical Specialists

Time and Rx compliance are two critical factors influencing patient outcome, but ensuring a patient retains treatment plan, at-home instructions or a return visit schedule is not always possible. With the myoMETRICS Lab, Clinicians can now accelerate patient recovery through patient education and engagement over time using real-time biofeedback and standardized objective assessments.

“Noraxon’s biomechanics platform is my go-to system and the ideal solution for
my wide variety of physical therapy and performance enhancement cases.
By combining high-technology and a human touch for a more comprehensive
understanding of my client’s body, I get a more precise roadmap to recovery.”

Kevin Vandi

Competitive Edge Physical Therapy

Clinical Specialist Solutions


EMG Training

Educating your patients can be a difficult task, especially when discussing muscle activation. The biofeedback package give you a simple way to display EMG data, letting  the patient visually focus relative muscle activation levels.


  • Clinical DTS: 2 channels of EMG
    Includes: BlueTooth module
    Includes: Biofeedback App (Android)

Biofeedback II

Movement Training

Simple and effective tool-sets like the Biofeedback II package provide clinical specialists the ability to use medical grade data for live patient education and feedback. With the blend of EMG and High Speed video with 2D Kinematics clinicians can quickly provide a visual aide  to their treatment plan.


  • Clinical DTS: 4 channels of EMG
    Includes: BlueTooth module
    Includes: Biofeedback App (Android)
  • NiNOX 125 (2 cameras) video system
    Includes: 8 reflective markers

Movement Analysis

Quantified Movement

Many tests accepted by the clinical world are outcome based, pass/fail. With the Movement Analysis package we have aimed to provide clinicians with a way to measure the quality of movement  within these tests, elevating the clinicians ability to track progress.



  • NiNOX HD Package (2 high speed USB cameras)
    Includes: myoSYNC
    Includes: 8 reflective markers
    (tri-pods not included)
  • 3D Motion Capture – Clinical 3 sensor (single joint) system

Portable Lab

Mobile Clinic

The role of clinicians is continuing to grow as healthcare evolves, taking a single facility provider to a multi-practice, multi-hospital credentialed practitioner. The time efficiency, medical-grade accuracy, and portability built into the portable lab give clinicians the option to bring the clinic with them and maximize their impact on the patient.


  • Portable Lab Enclosure
  • Clinical-DTS: 4 channels of EMG
  • 3D Motion Capture – Clinical 7 sensor (half-body) system
  • NiNOX 125 (1 camera) video system
  • 2-year HW/SW warranty
  • 8 hours support & 1 day in-service (USA only)

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