Clinical IMU

Clinical 3D Motion Capture

Use a maximum of 9 sensors to capture clinical applications with low impact such as balance, gait, activities of daily living, and static range of motion.

Maximum # of Sensors9
Maximum Sampling Rate100 Hz
Orientation Angle Accuracy1.0 degree (pitch/roll); 2.0 degrees (heading)
Anatomical Angle Accuracy+/- 2.0 degree (static); +/- 4.0 degrees (dynamic)
Fast IMU Element Set(included in both Clinical IMU Sensors and Research Pro IMU Sensors)
Angular Velocity (gyroscope)+/- 2000 degrees/sec Full Scale; Linearity: 0.2% of FS; Noise: .03 degrees/sec/√Hz; Internal Sampling Rate 400 Hz
Acceleration (accelerometers)+/- 16g Full Scale; Noise 220 ug/√Hz; Internal Sampling Rate 400 Hz
Magnetic Field (magnetometers)+/- 1.9 Gauss Full Scale; Internal Sampling Rate 70 Hz
Dimensions52.2 X 37.8 X 18.1 mm

Required Software Module



The myoMOTION™ software module features a skeletal avatar and streaming of anatomical joint angles, orientation angles, and acceleration data. Real-time data is automatically synchronized in an all-in-one analysis, enabling detailed human movement insight for performance enhancement, injury recovery or research metrics.

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