Accelerometer SmartLead

The Ultium Accelerometer SmartLead is a compact and lightweight acceleration sensor that is especially designed for use with human and animal surfaces and body segments. Due to its small size (21mm by 16mm), the sensor is easy to attach to any surface and the sensor’s low weight (8.5gm) avoids sensor-related swinging artifacts.

The SmartLead can be used to detect ground contact (heel strike) in walking and running, motion vibration in medical tremor analysis or impact and shock impulses in sports specific equipment or ergonomic tools.

Measurement Axes3 (X/Y/Z)
Sample Rate500/1000 Hz
Input Range+/- 400g
Resolution, -16g to +16g0.000976g
Resolution, +16g to 400g0.0234g
Typical Noise0.029g RMS
Bandwidth, 500 Hz sample rate0-250 Hz
Bandwidth, 1000 Hz sample rate0-500 Hz

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