Innovations in Biomechanics

As research, sports medicine and performance, clinical and human factor engineering professionals strive for evidence-based analysis in their daily work, Noraxon is there, providing a biomechanics ecosystem that takes the study of human movement where it’s never been before.

From raw to ready

The first release of myoRESEARCH® software was in 1988, at a time when desktop computers were making their way into biomechanics labs around the world.
So was Noraxon.

Wireless without compromise

Sophisticated advances in technology resulted in the patent-pending “SmartLead” system, which transforms the Ultium-EMG into an intelligent and multi-modal wireless Electronic Signal Portal for virtually any type of data, from any type of hardware.

Exceptionally powerful and ultra-portable

“There are very few research tools that can be taken out in the real world and maintain the performance required within the lab, this is what makes Noraxon so  unique a smart investment for future research.”

Harsimran S Baweja P.T. Ph.D.
SDSU Center for Clinical and Cognitive Neuroscience

Any data. Anywhere.

Noraxon’s myoMETRICS™ Portable Lab, the world’s first field-ready, ultra-compact biomechanics research lab-in-a-box, allows researchers, clinicians and trainers to capture, process and analyze high-fidelity biomechanics data and video of people moving through their natural environment.

Changing the game

Mobile computing technology and wireless sensing devices are removing the shackles of biomechanics research, making it possible to study the natural stride length of a distance runner on a track, a golfer’s swing off the tee or the leap of a dancer across the stage. Whether future human movement studies and evaluations are conducted inside a university’s biomechanics lab or out on a football field, you can be sure that Noraxon made it possible.