Noraxon’s New Ultium® Products Transform the Study of Human Movement

Intelligent, multi-modal sensor system and universal receiver enable comprehensive, synchronized view of biomechanics data.

Scottsdale, AZ, USA and Düsseldorf, Germany – November 13, 2017 – Noraxon USA Inc., a leader in human movement metrics and biomechanics research solutions, today introduced the Ultium®biomechanics research system, an innovative product that is shifting the way human movement data is captured and analyzed.

The flagship of the Ultium family is the paired Ultium-DASH universal receiver and the Ultium-EMG electromyography (EMG) sensor system. Engineered with the world’s most sophisticated EMG technology at its core, the Ultium-EMG sensor is an intelligent, multi-modal wireless electronic signal portal that accommodates 10 unique “SmartLeads” capable of capturing virtually any type of biometric and physiological data, from any type of hardware. Its revolutionary design makes it possible to capture, synchronize and analyze high-fidelity biomechanics data in real-time.

“In close collaboration with our research partners, Noraxon has achieved sophisticated technology advancements resulting in Ultium – a research-grade toolset that enables comprehensive, fully integrated biomechanics research,” said Brent Perkins, president of Noraxon. “This offering is unprecedented in the biomechanics industry, and together, the patent-pending Ultium-DASH, -EMG sensor and SmartLead system are designed to be, simply, the most intelligent and precise EMG system ever built. Customers now have the ability to evaluate the most interesting and elusive aspects of human movement.”
At the nucleus of the groundbreaking research system is the Ultium-DASH, a wireless hub that receives, synchronizes and transmits data simultaneously from different sensing devices to the myoRESEARCH® Software platform. It is capable of simultaneously processing high-fidelity data from up to 16 Ultium sensors at one time.

Connecting to the Ultium-DASH is the Ultium-EMG, a full-featured EMG sensor that samples up to 4,000 times per second and demonstrates the lowest baseline noise and fewest native artifacts of all competitive EMG products. Its internal memory retains more than 8 hours of data logging, and “lossless” data recovery technology continues data capture even when outside range then automatically synchronizes upon return. Due to the Ultium-EMG sensor’s ability to communicate wirelessly through the Ultium-DASH, digitally filtered data is delivered directly into myoRESEARCH for analysis; no additional software is required. Additionally, Ultium-EMG is the first and only plug-and-play EMG sensor able to capture other types of biometric and physiological data, such as heart rate, breath rate, acceleration, and local pressure, using innovative “SmartLeads.” Each of the SmartLeads connects to the Ultium-EMG via a universal port and is automatically detected, transforming the device into a highly intelligent, specialized sensing system.

Footswitch (FSR or insole)Flexiforce – local pressureFine-Wire EMGPhysiomonitor (breath/heart rate)Handgrip DynamometerAccelerometer (all-in-one 24g/100g/400g)2D GoniometerForce Sensor (100lb or 500lb)

Surface EMGAnalog Input Probe (3-channel)
Footswitch (FSR or insole)Flexiforce – local pressure
Fine-Wire EMGPhysiomonitor (breath/heart rate)
Handgrip DynamometerAccelerometer (all-in-one 24g/100g/400g)
2D GoniometerForce Sensor (100lb or 500lb)

Noraxon collaborates internationally with a vast network of biomechanics customers working in a broad range of biomechanics protocols and applications, including research universities and hospitals, sports science, medical professions, clinical therapy and industrial ergonomics.

“Until now, lab-based biomechanics research required countless hours to capture and merge data sets from different modalities and independent systems,” said John Cockcroft, managing staff scientist, Central Analytical Facilities, Stellenbosch University. “Ultium is a game changer, as researchers, sports scientists and medical professionals can now capture multi-modal data and complete complex analysis in a matter of minutes, with the ability to upgrade their systems incrementally rather than investing in a whole new platform.”

Ultium-EMG and Ultium-DASH are in production and orders may be placed through Noraxon’s global sales and distribution network.

About Noraxon

Noraxon USA Inc., based in Scottsdale, Arizona, is an industry leader in human movement metrics and biomechanics research solutions. Noraxon’s patented and FDA-approved hardware technology includes high-fidelity electromyography, 3D motion analysis, pressure, force, and video capture equipment, all of which are fully integrated with its myoRESEARCH® 3 biomechanics data analysis software platform. Through its innovative, precise and reliable modular approach to a fully equipped, portable and customizable biomechanics lab, Noraxon endeavors to enable a global biomechanics research community across academic, medical/clinical, sports science and human performance applications. Learn more at

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