PRESS RELEASE: Noraxon Launches First Comprehensive Portable Biomechanics Lab

myoMETRICS™ Portable Lab Brings Fully Synchronized, High-Fidelity Data Capture and Analysis Out of the Lab and Into the Field


DUSSELDORF, Germany – Nov. 15, 2016 – Today, at Medica 2016, the world’s largest medical trade fair, Noraxon USA, Inc., a leader in human movement analysis, unveiled myoMETRICS Portable Lab, the world’s first field-ready biomechanics research lab. The ultra-compact myoMETRICS Portable Lab enables researchers to capture, process and analyze high-fidelity biomechanics data and video of people operating in their natural environment, increasing both the integrity and usability of the resulting data.


“The single largest challenge for biomechanics researchers today is collecting data from different input sources and remote locations and trying to synchronize the variations on the back end,” said Brent Perkins, President, Noraxon USA. “The myoMETRICS Portable Lab simultaneously captures all data types and synchronizes the full suite seamlessly in real time, streamlining data capture, analysis and reporting for the researcher, clinician or sports scientist.”


myoMETRICS Portable Lab truly is a complete biomechanics lab-in-a-box. Along with the form factor, the technology inside is wireless and portable while maintaining the  high-quality data realized by a traditional biomechanics lab. It features a full suite of 3D motion capture sensors, electromyography (EMG) and other physiological sensors as well as high-resolution, high-speed  cameras for video analysis. All biomechanical sensors wirelessly transmit the data in real time using Noraxon’s patented myoSURE™ amplifier technology to guarantee the highest-fidelity signal. The sensors can also record all data to their on-board memory, guaranteeing zero loss of data.


Prime applications for the myoMETRICS Portable Lab include sports medicine and  return-to-play facilities, ergonomic evaluations, gait and biomechanics labs as well as practitioners who require equipment that travels with them. With this portable biomechanics research system, researchers are no longer tethered to the lab and are free to analyze subjects in their natural environments—a soccer player on the turf, a pitcher on the mound, a dancer on a stage—offering the ability to produce real-time, true-to-life data.


The myoMETRICS Portable Lab runs on Noraxon’s newly released myoRESEARCH 3® (MR3) biomechanics research software platform. It is built on Noraxon’s unique concept of individual biomechanics data modules, which automatically synchronizes all data recording and processing. Users have the flexibility of working with a single technology, such as EMG, or setting up a fully equipped biomechanical technology suite incorporating video, 3D kinematics, force, pressure or any other third-party device that streams an analog signal. With over 20 built-in reports and the ability to customize each of them, users have the power to tailor the results to their specific application.


“The Portable Lab has been more than five years in the making,” Perkins continued. “During those five years, we listened and learned from our customers about their struggles, challenges and wasted time. Leading research teams from Johns Hopkins, USC, the Olympic Training Center and hundreds of other organizations provided us with insight into their daily work, resulting in the Portable Lab and corresponding myoRESEARCH 3 software.”


Also new to the Noraxon research suite is the NiNOX™ high-speed camera for advanced motion capture capabilities. The NiNOX high-speed camera is the first USB-powered, high-definition, high-speed camera and LED light combo for human movement analysis and motion tracking. This innovative plug-and-play video camera system operates at 125 or 250 frames per second (FPS), allowing users the option to record video at the speed that provides the best efficacy for the particular human motion being analyzed. Recording hundreds of FPS and viewing playback at a slower rate presents the motion at a slower speed, allowing more detailed analysis.


“Noraxon equipment has always been the gold standard in human movement research. By giving our customers the freedom to take subjects out of the lab and measure them in their natural environment, we have added another layer of accuracy and fidelity to their data. It underscores our full commitment to the research community and continual development of the most accurate and precise capture of human movement data—any data, anywhere,” Perkins concluded.


Noraxon will demonstrate the myoMETRICS Portable Lab at Medica 2016 (Hall 04, Stand F22) in Dusseldorf, Germany, Nov. 14-17. Full production is slated for the first quarter of 2017.


Learn more about the Portable Lab.


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Noraxon USA, Inc., based in Scottsdale, Arizona, is an industry leader in the manufacture and distribution of high-end biomechanics measurement devices and software. Noraxon’s patented, patent-pending and FDA-approved hardware technology includes electromyography, 3D motion analysis, pressure, force and video capture modules, which are fully integrated within Noraxon’s myoRESEARCH 3 data acquisition and analysis software. Through its precise and reliable modular approach to a fully equipped and customized biomechanical lab, Noraxon supports evidence-based biomechanics research across academic, ergonomic, clinical and human-performance applications. Learn more at


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